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Hello my name is Garrick Malone. I think it is important when selecting a golf coach to know what and how they teach. Our approach to golf instruction is very simple. What we teach are skills that help you play better golf. All of our golf lessons are given with the motivation to help you shoot lower scores. How we teach golf is no different than how you would solve any problem life throws at you. First, we identify which of the three golf skills is causing your score to be high.  The three golf skills are : 1) Emotional Control 2) Decision Making 3) Ball Control. Most of our lessons are ball control related. In a ball control lesson, the next step is, figuring out what bad shot is causing you waste golf shots. After we find the bad shot, we take a close look at impact to understand why the shot is happening. Once you know the bad impact, we change the swing to correct the bad impact. If you are not changing your golf swing to get more control of the ball you are wasting your time. The way we go about teaching is simple. Golf is a simple game to understand, but a hard game to execute. We just give you a plan that almost guarantees your shoot lower scores.

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