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Custom Putter Fitting

Your Putting is Better Than You Think

Tired of missing putts on the course? The fact is, your putting is probably better than you think. The problem may instead lie in your equipment. Our putter fitting service is designed to give you the perfect fit for your putting stroke. Our process combines advanced technology with professional experience, resulting in a customized putter made just for you.

The Importance Of...


The correct length to help constrain the individual into their correct set up will help create consistency in the stroke through improving distance and directional control.

Lie Angle

An incorrect lie angle can cause a slightly less solid hit and energy transfer which can lead to poor distance control. A poorly fitted lie angle can also cause misalignment at set up.


The correct loft will help control the distance a putt is hit. Too much loft will cause the ball at impact to be launched off the ground. Too little loft and you will compress the ball into the ground.

Putter Style

Fitting the correct head style for that player can improve launch conditions and as a consequence their ball roll. Certain styles or features can also effect a players putter face alignment. 

Our Fitting Selection


Our Fitting Process

Our fitting process ensures we fully understand your needs and match you with the best putter for your game.

Step 1: Discuss Goals

We will discuss your performance with your current putter along with your goals for the fitting.

Step 2: Measurement

We analyse your putting stroke and then test a series of different putter styles to see which putter best suits your current stroke pattern to produce the most consistent and functional impact conditions and ball roll.

Step 3: Recommendation

Using the information from the previous steps, we will provide you with putter options that best fit your stroke and will help you make more putts!

Rob Hemsen

"Garrick has been fantastic to work with and I highly recommend his services."

Ryan J.

"I would highly recommend Garrick to anyone looking for golf instruction and fittings."

Kyla Bursey

"He’s very professional and always gets the job done! Garrick is the best!!"

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