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Garrick lives and is from Pleasant View Tennessee. He was introduced to the game by his father at age 10. At age 12 he put his baseball bat down to take golf seriously. His junior golf performance landed some College Scholarship Offers. However, He chose to go ahead an become a golf professional. In 2004 he became the Head Golf Professional at Highland Rim Golf Course. He left Highland Rim in March of 2014 to open Malone Golf Academy. His passion for the game and helping students improve has caused Garrick to study and learn from some of golfs greatest teachers. Students have won on various different state and national junior tours, won at the collegiate level, have qualified for USGA events, qualified for World Long Drive, won Club Championships, and TN Junior Players of the Year. (Student accomplishments are Student Accomplishments, I never hit a shot)

Experience and Certifications:

- 7 Years High School Golf Coach

- 5 Years Middle School Golf Coach

- TPI Level 3 Golf Coach

- TPI Level 3 Junior Coach

- Aimpoint Certified Coach

- PlaneTruth Level 1 Certified

- Stack and Tilt Certified

- Op36 Certified Coach

- Leadbetter Kids Coach

- US Kids Certified Coach

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